Lookup (ver 2.0)

List of Supported Dictionaries

EPWING Dictionaries

EPWing Consortium standardized CD-ROM/DVD-ROM dictionary format.

EBXA, EBG Format Dictionaries

LogoVista Dictionaries

LogoVista Dictionaries are actually the compressed and simplified forms of EPWING dictionaries. If they can be converted to EPWING format by dessed, they can be read by `Lookup' (and eblook).

DICT Format Dictionaries

SDIC Format Dictionaries

  • SDIC page and two famous dictionaries (gene95.sdic and edict.sdic) frequently used with sdic.

PDIC Format Dictionaries

Lingvo DSL Dictionaries

You can use patched `dslcomp.exe' to convert `.lsd' dictionaries (with some exceptions) to `.dsl' dictionaries.

BTONIC Format Dictionaries

BTONIC dictionaries with extension of ".exi" and can be decompressed by `btonic2xml110' can be used with lookup. Display of unicode characters is supported.

  • 新編・音楽中辞典

Shogakukan 小学館 Random House Dictionary

Jituu 「字通」 Dictionary

XML-style Dictionaries

Huge XML text file can be easily looked-up by using suffix array tool.

Plain-text Dictionaries and Glossaries

Software-based Dictionaries

  • Mecab program
  • WORDS Latin Program
  • aspell

Network-based Dictionaries

  • dict protocol
  • ebnet protocol

Search Engines

  • SpotLight
  • HyperEstraier
  • Windows Search

Image Scanned Old Dictionaries with Encoded Index

  • 康煕字典 (through Unihan.txt)
  • 支那文のための漢字典

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